January 28, 2009

Life Is Beautiful!

SHE wears party dresses and high heels. HE wears basketball shorts and white T's. SHE is loud and opinionated. HE is quiet and easy going. SHE is the gas. HE is the breaks. SHE is restless. HE is content. SHE is outgoing. HE is reserved. SHE likes to spend money. HE works hard to provide them a great life. SHE is crazy. HE is calm. SHE likes exotic food. HE likes steak and potatoes. SHE likes to go out and party. HE likes to stay home and watch movies.
SHE loves him. HE loves her.
This blog was born hours after we got engaged... I was so excited to blog about our lives, our triumphs, our faliures, our adventures, our goals.
Ive never been a "wife" before... I had NO idea of how much of a responsibility it was to have a family. Even if it only consists of me mark and our puppy Ruby... But MAN was I excited to take on this new challenge of being a wifey.

Isn't that what we as girls have DREAMED about being since the day we got our first Barbie and Ken? I have always had this vision of how my life was going to turn out.. "When I grow up Im going to be so organized.. so spiritual.. so... perfect." I had always believed that by 'that time' I would know exactly who I was....

Then it hit me.. Jaymie.. right NOW is 'that time'. So WHO AM I? How do I make that vision of my 'barbie and ken' life a reality?

Well.. Every day I spend with Mark allows me to change and grow and learn.. I am constantly working towards becoming 'Who I Am'. And while I definetly haven't achieved that perfect vision I had for my life... I realize that with all the ups and downs, and trials and challenges, that life is BEAUTIFUL. (even if sometimes its a beautiful mess!)

We use this blog to document lifes beautiful moments, beacause if we are really paying attention- we are constantly surrounded by all the beauty Heavenly Father has to offer us.
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Happy Blogging Everyone!