June 21, 2012

Omaha, Nebraska

Wait, I have a blog!? I have gotten so bad at keeping up with my blog.. that I doubt anybody reads it anymore, but someday I plan to get organized enough to print it all off into a book, so I have alot of posts to catch up on so we can record what we've been up to this summer!! 
We are in Omaha, Nebraska working for Pinnacle for summer 2012. When I first heard we were moving to Nebraska I planned for the worst. I pictured flat beige landscape full of cornfields and tornados. Needless to say, I was NOT excited! But we packed up and headed out! 
I seriously dont know how we fit everything into our Camry! 
Miss Ruby was so good the entire 16 hour drive, I was worried she was gonna bug me to death, but we got along just fine.

I was worried about it being boring here, but honestly, it is beautiful! I love everything about Omaha! The weather is perfect, the town (well at least the side of town we are on) is gorgeous, the people are really kind, and there are all sorts of fun things to do here.
1st thing we did was head to the store to get the necessities.. I have NEVER had to use 2 carts before. Most expensive trip ever. 
Once we had settled in, I discovered that there are Tornado shelters in the basement of each of our apartment buildings, that made me feel so very safe...... Kidding, deep down I knew that a tornado would pass over us, trapping us in this tiny room, and we would wait there till w all suffocated... For the first couple weeks we were here it was pretty stormy, and I had a bag with a blanket, water bottle, and snacks, ready to grab if we had to run down there... I didn't ever need to use it, the weather is actually great here, its beautiful! 
Kayla is in school and Trista wasn't out here at the beginning and I was bored out of my mind, so I read and worked out ALOT! 
And tried to spend time with this guy.... for the couple hours he was home every day. 
O and, I eat alot of ice cream... 
we're talking ALLLOT. 

May 03, 2012

3 Years

April 25th, cause it's not to hot, and not to cold, all you need is a light jacket. 
We've been married for 3 years... I cant believe it! Well, I guess I can. Sometimes it feels like we've known each other for 20 years, and other times it feels like we just met 
(and I dont know which of those I like more!)
 I love this man with all my heart, and Im so grateful to have him to take care of me for eternity. This past year  has been my favorite, we constantly joke that we got all our struggles and bad vibes out in the first two years, so it can be smooth sailing from here on out.. and while Im sure there are lots more trials and adventures ahead of us, I couldn't ask for a better guy to go through life with. We are each others opposites. He calms me down, humbles me, and helps me see reality, and I help him to dream a little, and to 'aspire higher'. We make a good team! 

I Hate Goodbyes

Mark and I are in Omaha Nebraska this summer for his job at Pinnacle. I feel so blessed that we have this great opportunity to make money during the summer to provide for us the rest of the year so Mark can just focus on school, BUT I hate goodbyes! Leaving my family is a horrible experience for me. Its hard to say goodbye, then once I actually get out here my heart just tears a little bit more every day till I have a break down and Mark lets me go home to visit. I can not be without my sisters and my mom. (or my nieces and nephews) I love my family... I am lucky and blessed for MANY reasons, Heavenly Father has given me so many opportunities and blessings in my life, but I count none above my family. (o by the way.. Im coming home in 17 days!) 
 My mom has an exchange student from Italy living with her. Her name is Beatrice, and she is lovely! I adore her accent, and my mom loves spoiling her and I can tell we will be friends with her forever. I cant wait to go to Italy and have her show us around! 
 Pentelute Family Get-to-gethers are never complete without a little bit of gymnastics. 

I had lots more pictures of me with the Sponenburgh family.. and my parents, but Trista never sent me the pictures off her camera. The little stinker... 

April 03, 2012


I was feeling a little adventurous over the weekend.. 
Im a redhead! I have been platinum blonde for 23 years... (except for one 4 month period where I was brunette.. but we dont like to talk about that.. I have tried hard to erase all evidence of that time!), I love being blonde, thats just who I am! I thought I would try red for a while, and by Christmas I would be back to my bright blonde self, but....  I LOVE being a redhead! I dont have plans to switch back. I love how bright it makes my eyes, and I feel like you notice my face rather than just my hair... if that makes any sense at all... 
The best part was, I didn't tell anyone I was doing it. Mark was shocked, but he loves it, FEW!! Anyways, if your feeling "stuck" and need a change, change your hair! Ive been wanting to for months, but was to chicken. I wish I would have done it sooner! xoxo

March 14, 2012

Our Life Lately. According to my Phone.

Here are some photos I  had on my phone, hopefully they will give you a little update on what we have been up to! 
 Miss Ruby Roo has been napping... alot.... Can you spot her in-between all those pillow pets?!? I couldn't find her, and went into Bostins room and she was asleep sitting up! 
 Mark and I got to watch my sister Mistys' kids a few weekends ago.. We love them to death! That little Camden has my whole heart!!! 
 Mark has been playing a-LOT of basketball lately. He recently played in the Madison Madness tournament... and they WON! Whoot Whoot.. he was MVP for sure... I LOVE watching him play. He is really good, and Im not just saying that because I'm his wife. People I didn't even know came up to me and said 'are you married to #10? he is really really good, he makes this fun to watch!'
 There have been loads of baby showers, and bachelor parties. Can you see our "Courtney Face" in that top picture? Bachelor was pretty horrible this season, but we cant wait for next! I feel SO blessed to have  such great friends. :) And that cute baby is my friend Steph's baby Roma Quinn. Im in love!
And last.. I was feeling pretty sad for myself that I didn't get to go to Cabo with my sisters or Hawaii with my parents... so my wonderful Hubby took me to SLC for the weekend... we went on a huge shopping spree and I had a blast! (Ruby was sad for us to leave though.. every time I turned around, she was inside my suitcase, she really wanted to come with us!) 

We are just loving life, Mark is working so hard.... only 3 more semesters. (hallelujah!) Life is wonderful! XOXO

January 05, 2012

Our Life Lately. According to my Phone.

I haven't blogged in forever. So instead of a hundred little posts. I figured I do one giant one. Here is what we have been up to. 

Lunching with friends... (Did I just say Lunching?... Wow) 
 Working out... I started a new program... Its kicking my trash, and I really could go for a snickers right about now. Cant wait till bikini season. 
 My sister in law had her third baby... Meet the sweet Miss Harper. 
 Look at all that hair!!! 
 Personally.. I think this picture is amazing. 

 If you cant tell.. that Elk is wearing a Bra. 
 We've been snuggling... alot. 

Posing for awkward Family Photos with friends. 
Taking Naps. 
Having EPIC moments with our car. 111111!!!! 

 Ruby had the best christmas ever.. She could smell those treats in her stocking from a mile away. 
 My dad got her tons of toys (he adores her..) I thought it was cute how she lined them all up by her bed when we got home. She has OCD just like her parents ; ) 
 I've been laying around admiring my christmas tree.. We lost all our ornaments and had to start over from scratch! 
 Wrapping Miss Ruby.  
 Supporting our team. (Go Cards!) 
 Look.. there are birds on my tree. For those of you who know me well... you know thats a big step. 
 Love this little guy! 
 Maama and Pappa P's house is always the prettiest at christmas! 
 Taking naps by the heater... 
 Going to the Forgotten Carols (this was the ONLY picture I had of that night. Isn't mark handsome in his new shirt and wool pants?!? Love him) 
 O and... taking more naps. 

Miss Hillcrest 2011-2012

Ok. Get ready for a picture overload. I cant believe I haven't posted pictures of Miss Hillcrest yet! I loved directing this pageant with my mom. I cant believe it was.. 5 years ago when I was Miss Hillcrest. 5 Can you believe it? Anyways, moving on... 
 I love going to practice with them and seeing the huge change in their confidence from beginning to end. I adore my job, and I am grateful every day that I am in a position to encourage young girls to change their lives, serve their community, and to help them understand and reach their full potential. I am so appreciative of all those who helped me become who I am... and I love that the tables have turned! Our theme was "Ignite the Knight" we had fireworks on stage.. the opening number was adorable.. Our contestants were so talented, we had an exchange student from New Zealand Compete, we all got along, even at our 7 a.m. practices.. I loved everything about this year! My mom is truly amazing.. I am so glad I get to learn from a woman with vision like hers! Enjoy the pictures : )  O and p.s. isn't my mom looking amazing?!?! Green smoothies all the way!