June 21, 2012

Omaha, Nebraska

Wait, I have a blog!? I have gotten so bad at keeping up with my blog.. that I doubt anybody reads it anymore, but someday I plan to get organized enough to print it all off into a book, so I have alot of posts to catch up on so we can record what we've been up to this summer!! 
We are in Omaha, Nebraska working for Pinnacle for summer 2012. When I first heard we were moving to Nebraska I planned for the worst. I pictured flat beige landscape full of cornfields and tornados. Needless to say, I was NOT excited! But we packed up and headed out! 
I seriously dont know how we fit everything into our Camry! 
Miss Ruby was so good the entire 16 hour drive, I was worried she was gonna bug me to death, but we got along just fine.

I was worried about it being boring here, but honestly, it is beautiful! I love everything about Omaha! The weather is perfect, the town (well at least the side of town we are on) is gorgeous, the people are really kind, and there are all sorts of fun things to do here.
1st thing we did was head to the store to get the necessities.. I have NEVER had to use 2 carts before. Most expensive trip ever. 
Once we had settled in, I discovered that there are Tornado shelters in the basement of each of our apartment buildings, that made me feel so very safe...... Kidding, deep down I knew that a tornado would pass over us, trapping us in this tiny room, and we would wait there till w all suffocated... For the first couple weeks we were here it was pretty stormy, and I had a bag with a blanket, water bottle, and snacks, ready to grab if we had to run down there... I didn't ever need to use it, the weather is actually great here, its beautiful! 
Kayla is in school and Trista wasn't out here at the beginning and I was bored out of my mind, so I read and worked out ALOT! 
And tried to spend time with this guy.... for the couple hours he was home every day. 
O and, I eat alot of ice cream... 
we're talking ALLLOT. 

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  1. mmmmm guernsey literary.... i love that book. Sounds like nebraska isn't toooo bad. :) especially with double dark chocolate ANYTHING to get you through. :)


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