May 03, 2012

I Hate Goodbyes

Mark and I are in Omaha Nebraska this summer for his job at Pinnacle. I feel so blessed that we have this great opportunity to make money during the summer to provide for us the rest of the year so Mark can just focus on school, BUT I hate goodbyes! Leaving my family is a horrible experience for me. Its hard to say goodbye, then once I actually get out here my heart just tears a little bit more every day till I have a break down and Mark lets me go home to visit. I can not be without my sisters and my mom. (or my nieces and nephews) I love my family... I am lucky and blessed for MANY reasons, Heavenly Father has given me so many opportunities and blessings in my life, but I count none above my family. (o by the way.. Im coming home in 17 days!) 
 My mom has an exchange student from Italy living with her. Her name is Beatrice, and she is lovely! I adore her accent, and my mom loves spoiling her and I can tell we will be friends with her forever. I cant wait to go to Italy and have her show us around! 
 Pentelute Family Get-to-gethers are never complete without a little bit of gymnastics. 

I had lots more pictures of me with the Sponenburgh family.. and my parents, but Trista never sent me the pictures off her camera. The little stinker... 

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