January 05, 2012

Our Life Lately. According to my Phone.

I haven't blogged in forever. So instead of a hundred little posts. I figured I do one giant one. Here is what we have been up to. 

Lunching with friends... (Did I just say Lunching?... Wow) 
 Working out... I started a new program... Its kicking my trash, and I really could go for a snickers right about now. Cant wait till bikini season. 
 My sister in law had her third baby... Meet the sweet Miss Harper. 
 Look at all that hair!!! 
 Personally.. I think this picture is amazing. 

 If you cant tell.. that Elk is wearing a Bra. 
 We've been snuggling... alot. 

Posing for awkward Family Photos with friends. 
Taking Naps. 
Having EPIC moments with our car. 111111!!!! 

 Ruby had the best christmas ever.. She could smell those treats in her stocking from a mile away. 
 My dad got her tons of toys (he adores her..) I thought it was cute how she lined them all up by her bed when we got home. She has OCD just like her parents ; ) 
 I've been laying around admiring my christmas tree.. We lost all our ornaments and had to start over from scratch! 
 Wrapping Miss Ruby.  
 Supporting our team. (Go Cards!) 
 Look.. there are birds on my tree. For those of you who know me well... you know thats a big step. 
 Love this little guy! 
 Maama and Pappa P's house is always the prettiest at christmas! 
 Taking naps by the heater... 
 Going to the Forgotten Carols (this was the ONLY picture I had of that night. Isn't mark handsome in his new shirt and wool pants?!? Love him) 
 O and... taking more naps. 


  1. Yay I love reading your blog!! The picture of you guys in front of that tree makes me laugh, it looks like you guys are 2 feet tall for some reason?? haha!! I love how cute you guys are together with your sweet little Ruby!


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